Who Are We?

We are a civil rights movement established with the main aim of redressing the injustices faced by black people in South Africa.

What We Do

  • We institute legal action against those that unfairly prejudices black people;
  • We engage with private and public institutions that victimizes black businesses and black people;
  • Expose any action that prohibits black people from effectively participating in the economy;
  • Encourage black on black trade by creating a network platform for black businesses;
  • Work with different trade unions in fighting employers that treat their black employees differently from the other race employers by denying them promotions or giving them significant work;
  • Take any action within the ambits of the law to ensure that black people get access to essential services and are given equal opportunities;
  • Create a community of black people that come together to find African solutions for the African problems we have been experiencing since decolonization.
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